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Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

Eye make is very important and it can enhance your grace. Firstly applying foundation and powder as base coat for eye make-up is essential. If you don’t wear foundation on you face but you can apply it to your eyes. When you are applying liquid liner the brush of liner should be very thin. If you are applying liquid liner you should always wipe excess off when you pull brush out from liner tube. You can also wipe the excess liquid on a piece of plastic, by doing this you can reload on the bush when needed. Avoid too much liner because it will easily look contrived.

Some useful tips and tricks for eyeliner

Eyeliner is important to define accentuating their shape. So firstly, Choose eyeliner very carefully for appropriate to your eyes color

Widen eyes If you have widen eyes make your eye appear farther apart, line top lash line from midpoint of your eye to just beyond its outer edge. Continue line from outer corner about 1 inch into you lower lashes. This will draw attention to outside of your eyes

Create drama Line your inner rims with pencil eyeliner to give subtle eye makeup a darker and more intense look. Liquid and shadow liner is not formulated for this area-neither one stick to moist skin.

Enhance color If you want enhance your eyes shade. Wear a colored liner that complements your eye shade to make it stand out. If you have the blue eyes, pick deep blue or green; for brown and hazel eyes, try olive green for green eyes, get gold and if they are dark brown, try purple.

Brighten eyes Use eye shadow and brush to draw a thin strip of linear along top lashes. If your eyes are small, avoid lining lower lashes and do not use pencil

1) If you want cat look you can extend eyeliner slightly past the corner of your eyes. Eyeliner colors black and brown are an ideal base color

2) It is a common Psychology if you are applying white liners to inside to the bottom lid it can helpful to give you brighter look to your eyes. But do not apply overload liner to inside lid.

3) After applying eye shadow you should always use liquid liner. And let it to dry before using mascara. This will give more classic look

4) When choosing eyeliner, find one that glides smoothly, but with still firm control. If you want graceful look you should always use Liquid liner on top and always the pencil liner to bottom. Apply pencil or liner as you hold a pen.

5) You should avoid such dark eyeliner especially if you have under eyes dark circles.

6) If you want perfect look always keep in mind to apply eyeliner apply as close to lashes as much possible. Line the lower lid. Trace outside of your eye. Never put eyeliner on inner rims because it gives you earlier, dramatic wrinkles and can give you eye infection especially if you use un-quality brand.


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