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Types of Blushers

The Blushes are available in various forms such as powders, creams, liquid or gels. Different forms have specific the purposes and suitability to different situations. There are different types of blushes. But one must pick only that brand which one finds best suitable for her skin keeping her skin type in the mind.

Powder Blush The Powder blush is usually good for all type of skin. But it is considered the best for oily skin and for those who are looking for long-lasting color. Powder blusher is the best applied after the face powder. It will lie on top of the skin and add the translucent glow to it. The powder blush is considered densest of the blushers. You can use cocoa-brown tone to accent the cheekbones, temples and slim the sides of your nose. For contour you should use the deeper shade in the hollow of the cheek. The Powder blush could be applied easily as compared to the liquid and cream blush.

Cream Blush The cream blush offers more intense shade than powder blush. Therefore you should use it very sparingly and blend well. Start at the apples of your cheek and blend to upward. The cream blush is the best applied with the help of your fingers. Although it is also dense in nature but it lets the skin show through. Cream blush contains the rich moisturizing or oil ingredients therefore it is considered particularly suitable for your dry skin. It should be applied over the foundation, but before powder. The cream blush is especially nice for evening makeup.

Gel or Liquid Blush The Gel blush adds the sheer glow to your face. The gel blush is usually considered to work best on the oily to normal skin because these blushers last longer and many are oil-free. Some are the water-resistant, too. The gel blush is of fast-drying nature therefore it is hard to spread onto the dry skin. The gel blush should be applied over the foundation or to the bare skin. It will give soft, fresh-scrubbed look to the face.

Tint Blush When you are planning to use a tint blush you should blend it fast and well. Tint blush can look streaky over the foundation. But once it is set it would not budge until wash your face. Just like the gel blush, the tint blushes are also fast drying.

Cheek Pencils The cheek pencils are considered the best for the beginners. But those who have oily skin should not use cheek pencils as they are often formulated with extra moisturizer and emollient to keep them soft and blend able.

Shimmers The shimmers are considered just great for the adding a light gleam to the face. They are the best choice for night time. You can dab shimmers on your forehead, in bow of your upper lip or in the inner corners of the eyes.

Bronzers Bronzer is available in the light, medium or dark tones. It is considered ideal for the faking or enhancing the tanned look of your skin. Bronzer is especially flattering to the medium and deep-toned complexions. The fair skinned types should pick only lightest shades. Bronzers are especially great for darker skins as they give a natural-looking blush.


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