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How to Remove Nail Polish

Nail polish can enhance your outfit’s grace and look. Remove the nail paints from nails can be bit painful. In market there is some nail polish remover which can also damage your nails. Nail polish remover helps you in removing last nail polish and you will get better result from new one. There is a variety of nail polish remover in market and you should according to your nail type. We should aware of the method to apply nail remover. When you are using nail polish remover always try to use in ventilated area.

Here are some steps which helps you to remove the nail polish.

1. First of all wash your hands and the nails with very gentle soap.

2. While you are using nail polish remover ventilate the room. Many strong nail polish removers can be toxic so always take precautions.

3. It can be harmful if you are dipping your fingers directly into the nail polish remover.

4. When you are using nail polish remover Always remove with the help of cotton pad or balls these cotton pads are easily available in market.

5. Be careful before choosing the applicator- Cotton balls leave fibers after using it and Paper towel also can be shred. Before choosing it, that would be better if you will do bit Experiment with some different applicators. Cotton balls and pads get soaked the remover very easily.

6. Non-acetone removers are good for the nails health. Always try Choose gel remover because they are best for the nails.

7. Always choose a nail remover according to your nail type.

8. Pour few drops of nail polish remover on cotton pads.

9. Apply the cotton pad to nail bed. Avoid scrub the nail up and down with the applicator. Press soak cotton pad against the nail and hold it there for short while.

10. After pressing it move slowly with maintaining the pressure, wipe applicator down to tips of the nails. Nail polish will remove easily. If it’s not properly removed repeat the above steps.

11. Do this step and remove the each nails

12. A gel product to remove the nail polish is for best nails

13. Some removers don’t have any need to use any medium as cotton pad or sponge etc. dip your finger in bottle carries sponge within it and your nail paint will easily removed.

14. After using nail remover always wash your hands. If you are not doing this, it can be harmful for your nails

15. Always use moisturizer lotion or cream after washing your hands.

16. After all this, your nails are ready to polish and never forget to apply base coat it gives the nails back their shine that taken by the nail polish remover

17. Some smells are cause asthma and some other serious diseases. Always close the cap nail polish remover after use it. Do not to touch nail varnishes and nail removers directly because it can be harmful in long run.

18. Your posture should be correct during this process and Always Wear comfortable dress.


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