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How to put on Fake Nails

Nails are important part of woman good looking nails can enhance your grace. By passing time artificial or fake nails have become really trendy. There are two basic methods to put on the artificial nails which totally depend on type of artificial nails.

1. Purchase your artificial nails kit. Kits usually include artificial nails, nail glue, cuticle stick. You can find these kits at any beauty supply store.

2. Wash hands and nails in proper way. Use nail brush to make sure that nails are completely clean. If you have any polish on nails, use nail polish remover before washing hands and nails.

3. File your natural nails at both tips and tops of the nails to create a smooth surface.

4. Before applying the artificial nails, match them to natural nails so that they fit perfectly. There should be no overlap, nor should artificial nails be smaller than your natural nails.

5. Arrange artificial nails in the order in which they will appear on your hands.

6. Apply thumbnail of your dominant hand first. Spread glue on underside of the artificial nail that will fit on the nail bed. Apply the nail to your thumb, getting the edge of nail as close to your cuticle as possible. Don’t place the nail on top of the cuticle. Press and hold the artificial nail for 5 to 8 seconds.

7. Repeat Step 6 for remaining fingers.

8. If artificial nails you bought have application tips, remove tips once you complete to apply the entire hand. File it if have any rough edges.

Disadvantages of Artificial Nails:

1) Frequent breaking of Artificial nails- always cut your natural nails before apply artificial nails.

2) Damages Natural nails- Artificial nails can be harmful for natural nails. Regular use of it can also damage your natural nails sometimes it can be the cause of medical problem and your natural nails take times to recover when you removed false nail.

3) Artificial nails look attractive but it can be cause of harmful effects by regular use of artificial nails your hands can look horrible. So choosing right artificial nails is important.

Tips & Warnings

1) The artificial nails in kit are perfect for those who need a fast manicure for special occasion.

2) This is perfect for anyone whose daily routine would be inconvenienced by having the longer nails.

3) The nails will usually last for 4 to 5 days before reapplication is needed.

4) If you notice a dark spot under the nails after wearing them for short period of time, remove them immediately. This dark spot is actually fungus caused by moisture caught under nail and not allowed to dry properly.

5) Once done with nail glue, place in a location that children will not be able to access. The nail glue is similar to super glue.

6) Carry nail glue with you in your purse. If nail pops off, quickly glue it back on.

7) Once the nail glue has dried, you can decorate the false nails with nail varnish, you can also cut them shorter, depending on which you have bought and it’s upon your choice.


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