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How to Keep Nail Polish from Chipping

Everyone wants to look gorgeous and beautiful. It’s very frustrating to spend time and money for manicure especially for chipping problem. It’s not a tough task to maintain your nails and we can keep nail polish for longer time with very simple way. You can follow simple tips for it here are tips for how to keep your nail polish on.

For avoiding nail chipping you should keep your nails clean. Apply only nail polish remover to remove nail after couple of week though there is no nail polish and do not forget to wash your hands after applying nail polish remover.

Tips for C leaning nails - Soak your hands in the Luke warm water.

· Add one tablespoon lemon juice to it.
· Keep your hands in the water for 5-8 minutes.
· One can do same thing to clean toe nails also. It will also make you feel very relax.
· Take the nails out of water.
· Wrap one edge of orange wood stick with cotton.
· Wet cotton and then use it to clean the nails.

· After cleaning it apply moisturizing cream or lotion.
· Never push up the cuticles. It causes infection.

Tips for Shaping nails -For shaping the nails you should use only filer not any other product as nail clipper etc.

· Do not exert pressure on nails when you are doing filing. Use filer very softly and gently. If you have long nails file your nails regularly and your nails should even from surfaces around the tips.

· You can do different shapes of Fingernails. You can file straight, round from top

Tips for how to Apply nail paint - Firstly remove old nail polish by nail polish remover, now apply new nail polish. If you are not removing your old polish this can spoil your hands look. Always remember to wash your hands before apply nail polish and after removing nail it.

1) Apply base coat on the nails before apply nail paint. It will increase the durability of your nail polish.

2) Keep top coat handy- to prolong the life of the manicure; apply a topcoat every day.

3) Never apply thick and many coats of nail polish. Two coats of nail polish give good result as comparative thick or many coats.

4) For best result always apply top coat after applying nail polish.

5) Give proper time to dry your nail polish before do anything. Allow your nail polish completely dry between the each coat. If you cannot keep your nail polish for longer time, you can invest in good quality nail polish.

6) You can apply top coat several times in a week to discourage chipping nail polish.

7) If you want your nail polish for longer time you should prefer rubber gloves during washing dishes, cleaning etc.

A good and healthy diet is necessary for healthy nails. Make sure that you are having enough of vitamin, calcium, minerals and a lot of water. Remember that vitamin and mineral rich food strengthens the nail.


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