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How to wash hair

In today's world we are relying on hair care products which help in solving our great deal of problems. In our old days, there were not that much hair care products as compare to today. There are many ways to do the things but there are many flaws as well in doing the things. Beauty always matters in eye of the beholder. Hair care products like shampoo contains large quantity of Sulfates which causes damages in long run. Cleaning your hair the seems easy work to do but doing it in proper way that matters or you can say the finishing touch always comes for getting the remarks .Now you can learn how to use conditioner instead of shampoo in washing your hair. It doesn’t mean we don’t need these products in future; it’s just a way out to the things the other way

Before having shower, wet your hair. Pour some quantity of conditioner on your palms of your hand and rub it all together on your wet hair and massage it properly so that it goes deep to scalp, so that it will help to get the dirt and dandruff out. After sometime rinse it thoroughly. Now distribute moisturizing conditioner on your hair. Comb your hair slowly so that you don’t feel pain. Leave your hair for 10 minutes for more moisture, after this washes it thoroughly.

BAKING SODA It is available all over the market or supermarkets. Mix one table spoon warm cup of water and pour into plastic bottle, shake it well. Pour into your hair and massage it thoroughly so that it touches the scalp. Again with help of comb, comb your hair, then rinse your hair and wash it.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Being vinegar, it will smells but make sure you are using proper mixture. Mix 1or 2 tablespoon of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and a cup of warm water and pour into plastic bottle. Shake it thoroughly. Then work it properly on your hair and rinse hair properly.

LEMON JUICE You can use 1 or 2 table spoon with your normal conditioner .Use into hair and rinse it.

HONEY Mix honey with your conditioner so that it will clean the scalp and dust will come out. It cleanses hair and reflects shine to your hair. Remember don’t mix more then 1 or 2 table spoon, cause it can end up with sticky and coated.

Using non silicone free moisture is beneficial because it is having fewer sulfates. Curl and Jess curl are useful moisturizer conditioners.Always patient when you are doing these things, because one false step can shambles your hair beauty. Don’t ever be afraid of things which you know it that it will be best for your body

Washing hair tips

1) Avoid washing your hairs as much as you can, as natural oil is healthy for your hairs.

2) Rinse your hair with hot water for removing dirt and rinse in cold water to make your hair shine.

3) Do not comb in wet hair, as they damage hair.



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