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How to use Eyeliner

Eyeliner is important cosmetics, giving the dramatic look without much time and effort. Eyeliner makes eyes pop out by defining them and accentuating their shape. Whether you choose soft line or dramatic stroke, you can embellish the window to your soul by spending just a few minutes in front of mirror with an eyeliner pencil.

Choose eyeliner appropriate for your eyes color. Brown, gilded bronze, and plum are great for lighter eyes and dark eyes can pull off more drastic black backdrop. Silver and charcoal look best on green and blue eyes; rich red browns for blue eyes and gold for green eyes.

Consider the type of look you are after. Pencil eyeliner gives your eyes soft definition, while liquid version offers precision and drama. There is wide variety of powder liners available, and you can also moisten dark eye shadow and apply it with small, flat brush to double as liner.

Prepare to apply eyeliner

1) If you are using pencil, sharpen it. Warm and soften very tip of the pencil by heating it with hot zap from a hair dryer. This will help to write smoother.

2) A liquid liner should be checked for clump or excess.

3) Prepare the smudging pencil and brushes.

4) Prepare a cake liner or dark eye shadow by applying small amount of water to your brush. Move wet brush gently through your cake liner or dark shadow, holding the brush or pencil as you would hold a pen.

5) Rest the elbow of your dominant arm on hard surface, and rest your wrist on the face.

6) Tilt your head back slightly and bring the eyes to half-open state. This creates good angle for application, while allowing you to see what you are doing.

7) Use the left index finger or the right index finger and pull your eyelid gently to the side and slightly up, towards far end of your eyebrow. This step is optional, because some people find it easier to draw accurately on relaxed eye; also, stretching eye may encourage wrinkling. To prevent eyelid from shaking if you do not pull it, focus gently but intently on the eyes in the mirror. If you are applying eyeliner to someone else's eyes, ask them to choose one spot on wall to look at.

8) Draw a line across upper lid on the lash line. This creates desired illusion of having thicker lashes.

9) If you are using liquid liner, allow it to dry before opening your eye all the way, or the color may transfer into the crease of your eyes.

10) Soften look by gently smudging the line with your brush, cotton swab or your finger. If you desire crisp, straight line, as is case with liquid eyeliner, don’t alter unless it's messy. Any cleaning touch up should be done with cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover.

11) Remember that there are many variations on eyeliner look. If this is your first time, you might want to start with smudged eyeliner look

12) Line the lower lid. Trace outside of your eye. NEVER put eyeliner on inner rims because it gives you earlier, dramatic wrinkles and can give you eye infection especially if you use un-quality brand.


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