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How to trim your hair

Different people like different type of styles when it comes to hair. It can be long hair styles and it can be short. But in both styles we need to trim our hair. One must have to go to parlor to get hair trimmed and this is necessity of hair to get them into back in shape and looks good. During time hair looks frayed at the end of the hair. Sometimes it gets damaged cause of seasonal or environmental change. Cause of fast life its hard to find time to fix the appointment and get the hair trimmed , its hard to go to parlor and come back .After work ,Sometimes we be lazy and feel tired. We can trim our hair at home as well. This is not a big issue to get it done by you at home; we just have to be careful.

1) You must have double sided mirror so that you can see your back side of hair as well. Your scissor must be sharp; otherwise if it is blunt then it is going to give you a problem and will damage your hair by giving spaces at the end of hair.

2) To get it started we must wet our hair with splash of water on our head. Hold the hair with tip of your index and middle figure. Clip your hair so that it don’t get mixed up with your hair which are you going to cut. You must use comb so that your hair be straight

3) Now hold your hair and think twice how much you want to trim it like 2 inches or 3 inches. If you want to get you’re trimmed by 2 inches then hold your hair 2 inches upwards from end of your hair and then cut it with scissor.

4) Hold the other section of hair which you have clipped. Open the clip and hold it again 2 inches upwards. The same way we did it above, cut it with scissor and, do it till you done it all over your hair.

5) You must keep seeing in your double sided mirror that you are doing accurate. Be careful that you eyes don’t get hurt with scissors and try be calm don’t be in rush. Try to avoid your cell phone during trimming you hair.

Tips Keep your hair fairly wet through this process makes it easier to hold the area you are not cutting out of your way.

1) Be careful to continue your cuts at the same length all the way across top as you pull each section up.

2)To make an even longer version of haircut, comb each section straight up and slightly forward when making cuts.

3) This method of cutting hair can be used for rather short to long depending on the angle you pull your hair.

4) Use a pair of scissors that is meant for cutting your hair. With each cut, hold hairs you are about to cut between your index finger and middle finger in a scissor like grip. This way you can use finger as a guide for your scissors to make straight cuts.

5) Make sure that you cut straight across from ear to ear, not tilting your scissors.



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