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How to Strengthen Nails

Nails are more than just hard thing at the end of your fingers and toes--they give a window into the health and show other just how well you take care of rest of your body. They may seem small and unimportant, but that could not be further from the truth. Most of the nails strengtheners on the market won't help truly brittle nail. Weak, brittle, or cracked nail can occur for number of reasons. Nails become weaken when they are abused, when they grow out too long, or when they are exposed to certain agent. Here are some ways to keep the nails strong and healthy.

1. Healthy diet is very important for our body as well as our nails. You should eat protein and vitamin food for stronger and healthy nails. Apple, cucumber, grapes, milk and onion contains healthy nutrient values.

2. If you spend a lot of time in cleaning, washing, swimming that will effect directly to your nails. You should need extra intention for your healthy nails.

3. We all know that nail biting habit is also can give bad look and unhealthiness but after knowing this not only kids youngsters also do it. So if you want healthy nails you should avoid it.

4. File your nails short it can be helpful to prevent breakage, as well as it gives nice look to your fingers.

5. Always wear gloves when you are doing house hold work as washing and cleaning etc. because Water dries out and can weakens the nails.

6. Do not us nails to accomplish any task because your sensitive nails can not take it for long. Don’t use it as scissor or toothpick, peel off the stickers etc.

7. You should avoid regular use of nail paint remover and you should use only non-acetone remover. After Appling nail polish remover, wash your hands with gentle soap and apply hand moisturizer.

8. Do not use not excess nail polish remover because it can be harmful for your nails health.

9. Moisturize the nails. Olive oil works particularly well for it. Try pouring olive oil into old nail polish container, and use brush to brush the oil on your nails. Also, when you use lotion on the hands rub some of the lotion into your nails. If your nails are severely dry, apply petroleum jelly to the nails before you go to bed, and cover the hands with gloves. Wash in morning.

10. It is not compulsory that a healthy can not strengthen your fingernails because some time it can be serious nail problem you should concern dermatologist to conform that you are not suffering from nail infection or any serious other disorder.

11. Some times if your nails are showing sign of underlying problem as yellowing and not growing nails you should concern a physician.

12. You should visit to a parlor for manicure and can also concern that you are using proper sanitary procedures or not. You can ask to recommendations nail care products

13. A good and exact nail care helps to strengthen your fingernails.


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