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How to Make Hair Style Last

Choosing a particular hairstyle is very easy, wearing that hairstyle is easier but making that hairstyle last till you actually reach the party. Now you can learn the little secrets of making your hair do last longer. Just follow simple tips below;

1) If you want hair style last use only extra volume shampoo and conditioner. After wash dry your hairs and massage styling gel into the roots of hairs.

2) After you shampoo always use a good drying method for your hairs. Blow dryer’s nozzle should be pointed upwards. Your aimed should be roots of the hairs. After blow dryer than lightly style your hairs. You can also end up your hair style with an extra hold spray for long lasting style. If you are spraying one thing keep in your mind firstly spray only roots of your hairs, then spray the surface of hairs. This method will lock your hair style into place.

3) Always choose right product for your hairs. After dry your hairs, apply a gel to hair you can also smooth your hair with help of pressing and flat iron. By applying gel we are protecting our hairs from direct heat of the iron. This works wonders on polished looks like up swept hair.

4) If you want a simple hair style last than Massage with the leave in conditioner to your hairs after this you can make a classic ponytail. This style not only looks elegant, but the conditioner will keep your hair in the place as it dries.

5) Shield your hair from the humidity by using the silicone based control gel. Apply the product from your hair's roots to the end and comb your hair gently. Allow the gel to dry for long lasting hair style.

Tips & Warnings

There are varieties of gel in the market and if you are using silicone-based gels for long lasting hair style then avoid comb your hair whole day. After apply the gel your hairs will frizz as you comb. By chance you need a touch up for your hairs; put smooth wet hands on your hairs. After touch up dry your hairs naturally. If you have normal hairs, never apply heavy styling products.

I· Avoid too much use of hot hair styling tools e.g. flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons and on a frequent basis because heating products can damage you hairs.

II· If you are making hair style as ponytail than avoid tight ponytails because this can be cause of hair breakage

III· If you are experiencing damage hairs moisturized your hairs. You can also use leave-in conditioner

IV· Never brush in wet hairs. Brushing in wet hair can be cause of hair breakage. Always prefer a wide tooth comb.

V· For long lasting hair style your hair should be regularly trim. This will prevent you from damage and keep your hair look in fresh cut

Things you’ll need

1) Silicone based ant frizz hair products of your choice

2) Styling gel or cream (alcohol-free)

3) Flat iron and blow dryer

4) Extra volume shampoo and conditioner

5) Lightweight holding spray



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