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How to Grow Long Hair

If you want long and beautiful hairs it is not such a difficult. You cannot grow long hairs with salon hair products, handfuls of vitamins and no need for any sacrifice. You need simply dedication and lots of patience. Some people assume that their hairs can’t grow to certain length. You need a special care for Growing long. Averagely hairs can grow ½ inch every month. Here are some easy tips to increase the chance of reaching long hair goal.

1) The first and important step to grow long hairs is you should need to extra care. If you have growing long hairs you must cut an inch that is damaged hairs. In a growing process your hairs go through a lot of trauma no matter how careful you are with it. If your hairs are damaged, you can start with healthy trim. You can continue to trim in a month to maintain the length until all the damage is gone; Remember always, long damaged and lifeless hair can never as pretty as short healthy hair. Healthy hair needs to be trimmed very less and they don’t break easily, the result is hair grow much faster.

·2) If you are using heated appliances to dry your hair you should avoid it. You should not do regular use of blow drying, curling iron, hot roller, and especially flat irons. If you must blow dry you should do so minimally. Try to let your hairs dry naturally. If you must use hot rollers, use safe rollers avoid use of plastic rollers.

3) Don't use any harsh chemicals, hairs gel on your hairs for hair styling. If you color you hairs you should use n 100% natural henna or you can also use hair care recipes to make your own hair color. Use always gentle and herbal good shampoo and conditioner. Do not perm and straighten your hair, specially avoid if you want an experiment. These products contain harsh chemicals which can break the chemical structure of your hairs. If you want long beautiful healthy hair, you just avoid use of these types of chemicals on it.

4) Avoid to so such an uncomfortable hair style especially which is giving you a stress and do not do extremely tight coils. If you are making ponytail to create your hairstyle, you should make sure that is not pulled tight enough to put stress on the roots of your hairs. If you are not having enough nutrition, remember neither is your hair. Even if you are avoiding fat and oily food, that you should not completely eliminate all fat from your daily diet it is very essential because your hairs can suffer this. If you are not having calorie then you should take multi vitamins both for your body and especially daily nourishment they need.

5) When your hairs are wet always treat them very gently. Avoid rubbing your hairs with a towel; you should gently squeeze the towel to downward of length of your hairs. Do not brush your hair when they are wet because now your hair is at its most delicate.

6) Remove all the knots from your hairs with Comb before shampoo. After removing the knots use a boar brush to remove loose hairs, which can also cut down knots during shampoo.


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