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How to Choose Nail Art Design

Now a day there is a revolution in every field whether it is science and technology or whether its beauty tips. We human beings and we love to experiment a lot. We experiment from satellites to the nails. Nails are very important part of the body though it is tiny part but plays a major role in beauty. We use nail polish; we get them manicured and what all pains we take to make them look very beautiful and healthy. Now day’s creativity has no limits. Now a day there is art on nails also known as Nail Art. There are different designs available which you can experiment and have it on the nails. There are many types of nail art to choose from, and depending on how fancy you would like to get, you can even do few of them yourself

Hand-painted designs these are simple designs created with regular nail polish and usually accented with puffed and glitter paint. It is easiest and usually relatively cheap to have it done in salon, but its possible to do it yourself. Simply cut the toothpick in half and dip newly blunted end into polish color of your choice. Then make a circle of five tiny dots, forming the flower. Then add a rhinestone or dash of glitter paint for center, and you have got yourself some snazzy nails.

Texture techniques This is another easy way to jazz up the nails without going to a salon. Texture techniques involve using regular nail paint/polish and simple household objects to create attractive designs. For example is polish swirling: To do this, paint on thick layer of any bright or dark nail color you would like. Then, using a toothpick, dab few drops of white or cream onto the layer of color and swirl colors together.

Air brush design This is little bit costly because you will have to purchase a spray machine but if you get it done from a saloon it will be cheap for you. This machine sprays a design on your nail of your choice.

Decals These are tiny stickers which are available in market. These can be stick on any nail polish or without it depends completely on your choice.

Piercing Now a day’s piercing is in trend. If you want to get your nails pierced visit saloon technician will do it for you. If you are brave, ask your nail technician to pierce one nail on each hand with very small hoop. Just be careful while you running the hand in your hair.

Rhinestones These are great as either centers of the flowers, or arranged in a neat row along edge of your fingernail or toenail.

Now you can choose Nail design according to

Season You can choose the design accordingly like if it is spring think fresh and use the vibrant colors.

Occasion Choose like if it Valentines Day then you can use red color on your nails.

Personality Make sure that nail paint color is suiting you and design too. Choose design accordingly.

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