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How to Choose Blush Color

Enhance your beauty by finding perfect blush color to complement to skin tone. The right blush during right time of day is the key to right use of blush. The best colors for the blush to choose are those, which are close to your skin tone. Blushers could be available in variety of hues, consistencies and tones. Your choice of blush is very important as its application in the different ways can change your look as well as the expression of your face. On the one hand it can freshen up tired face and on the other hand can give very dull look to a cheery face. Just follow few simple tips to find the best blush color for your skin:

·1) Consider blush colors that match to color of your cheeks after an aerobic workout. Such shades mimic natural coloring and help you avoid having cheeks that look artificial or painted.

2) Head to the department store and have a makeup artist assist you in finding the complementary shade. Check the options in natural lighting whenever possible.

3) Remember, darker your skin tone, darker your blush should be. Women with fair complexions usually look best in the pink or the coral shades, while darker complexions are enhanced by wine and burgundy hues.

·4) Keep daytime blush should be light in tone. Opt for the heavier application to create more dramatic evening look.

5) Match the undertones in your lipstick to color of your blush. If your lipstick is red, opt for a pink or reddish cheek color. For pink or rose-colored lipstick, opt for similar hues in your blush color.

6) Match Blush Color to your Skin Tone. The best blush color for the cheeks is usually the one closest to your skin tone. Think of flushed tone your cheeks take on after exercising or emerging from the hot shower; that is the natural color you want to aim for when choosing the blush color. Following this guideline will also help you to avoid choosing a blush color that seems very artificial. The perfect blush color is that looks as natural as possible.

7) Harmonize Lip and the Blush Colors another helpful way to find right blush color for your skin tone is to match it with your current lip color. If you favor the pink tones for your lips, it is likely that a pink blush color will also work well on your cheeks. Remember that blush color not only adds a tinted hue to your skin, but also provide the depth and dimension to your cheeks.

8) Test out the Blush Colors when faced with an array of similar the blush color shades, try to test a few out on your skin, preferably in natural light to see which the best looks. When you are buying blush colors, use the provided shade assortment to match the blush color to the hue that works the best for you. Trying out blush colors from the kit, such as those included in Micro Mini Makeup Collection, will also helps you experiment to find the blush color that works best for your skin type and tone.

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