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How to Care for Long Nails

Long nails can be beautiful when cared for properly. Many women want nails that are long but are always breaking their nails. You can use a nail strengthener to help the natural nail become more durable. Long nails are easy to achieve when using artificial nails such as wraps or gel. Washing your hands and nails on regular basis will in fact help your nails stay long and beautiful. Long nails can trap bacteria under nail, so as long as you are washing your nails regularly and every time you come in contact with any type of debris nails should be fine. Remember that soaps and cleaners will dry out your hands and nails, so keep quality hand lotion or cream with you so you can apply it after washing the hands.

Nails are most attractive part of the body. When you take care of nails properly your fingers look really attractive and well shaped. But it is really very difficult to care of long nails. Your care depends on type of nails you have. Those who have weak nails they need to take extra care. So to take care of the nails here are some home care tips to be kept in the mind:

Use Nails Strengtheners Nails are very tender and very delicate part. They can very easily break if not strengthen properly. So use Nail Strengthens especially if you have very weak nails.

Always cover the nails while doing washing, gardening etc You should always cover the nails when they come in contact with water, dust and detergent. These things might cause damage to the nails. So wear gloves while you doing washing, Gardening or cleaning.

Moisturize them after every wash Use proper moisturizer when you get your hands washed because hands become dry when they come in contact with water and soap, so of course nails will also become dry. Try and get them moisturize after every wash.

Moisturize them every night before sleeping Always make it habit to moisture the nails with good moisturizer and lotion that will give your shining.

Take care cuticles and moisturize them with oil- Cuticles are important part as they act as protective shield for nails preventing them from bacteria’s. So try and nourish them, also give them gentle push with orange stick once a week. Just be sure you do not ever cut them or trim them.

Get professional manicure once in a month It is important that you get your manicure regularly as this will help the nails to remain in good shape and they will be cleaned properly by the manicurist.

Eat proteins and vegetables For healthy and strong nails it is very necessary to take proper proteins and also proper vegetables which provide nutrients for your nails

Fatty acid is must for nails Eat lots of almonds and fish and see the improvement which will be clearly visible on the nails.

Drink lot of water Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water that will give moisture to the skin and nails.

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