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How to Apply Henna

Applying henna is not as applying any hair dye. Henna is transparent dye that coats the hairs shaft, binding with keratin. Henna is natural so it will not harm your hairs like the dyes found in market. It conditions your hairs giving it shine and body and a rich red color. Other benefit of henna is that it strengthens your hair and even gets rid of dandruff. Because it is transparent dye, it will not change the color of your hairs, it only coat with color. Choose henna that is a body art quality to ensure you get good color.

1) Depending on your hairs length, measure henna and put it in a mixing bowl. 100g – for short hair, 200g – collar length straight hair, 300g – shoulder length straight hair, 500g – waist length hair.

2) Add water and mix it, the consistency of the henna should be as cake batter. Ensure there is no lump in the mixed paste.

3) Add few drops of lemon to this mixture.

4) Set the henna paste a side for two hours before using it. It is better to leave the henna paste stay overnight at room temperature.

5) Comb your hairs into sections.

6) With the help of a plastic glove, scoop paste with your hand and apply paste right from the root of the hairs until the end of the hairs. Start henna application from the nape of neck and work it to upwards. You can use also a hair brush too but applying with hands is effective.

7) Apply henna thickly.

8) After applying throughout your hairs, cover your head.

9) Let the henna stay in your hairs for about four hours. Keep the pack warm like warmth brings out the best color. Henna acts effectively if you use blow dryer to keep your pack warm.

10) After four hours, wash your hairs thoroughly and ensure all henna remains are washed out.

11) Shampoo your hairs and apply conditioner.

Henna application tips

1) Henna stains clothes, skin and towels. Be careful while applying the paste on your hairs.

2) To find how long the henna paste should stay in your hairs to get the right hair color, take small strands of your hair and apply the paste on it. Wash a strand after an hour check the coloring effect, wash another strand after three hours and check the coloring effect

3) While washing henna paste, wash your hair thoroughly because dried henna is difficult to remove.

Advantages of henna

1) Henna gives glossy look to your hair.

2) Henna improves your hair growth

3) Henna makes hair soft

4) Henna makes your hair healthy.

5) Henna lends hair better texture and feel

6) Henna protects your hairs from sun damage by blocking UV rays, wind and pollution.

7) People are rarely allergic from henna

Facts about henna hair dye

1) Henna covers gray hairs but not totally.

2) Henna once applies fades very slowly; it takes about six months for the tinge to leave your hair completely. You can reapply henna once in 4-5 weeks to cover gray hair and condition.

3) You can choose henna depending on the shade you require for your hairs.

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