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How to Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner is important to define accentuating their shape. Eyeliner plays a good role to give a dramatic touch to your face and for soften the look also. When you are going to but eyeliner you should keep in mind the color of eyes and the eye shadow. It gives a wonderful look if you apply eyeliner as close as possible into lashes. Pencil eyeliner is quite easy to apply and It gives you desire look. Liquid eyeliner requires more practice and patience. You shape and define your eyes with the eyeliner.

You can apply eyeliner beautiful by following next

1. Firstly choose medium or dark shadow color to line your eyes.

2. You should always prefer to use small, flat, angled brush for application of eye shadow.

3. Try Use a cosmetic puff or sponge as applicator and little pressed powder to for toning down heavy shadow apply powder with little pressing the applicator. Before applying powder on lid you should shake excess powder from applicator (sponge or puff).

4. If you want perfect natural looks always Use very fine pencil liner of natural look and to upper and lower lash lines

5. This minor tip is very important if you are applying eye shadows: try to use long handled brush.

6. To cover your lower lids you should use medium-toned eye shadow.

7. If you are using Liquid eyeliner it should apply only above the top lashes. It’s better if you will use a pencil under the lower lashes, this will give you a better look. For dramatic look always use pencil on above and below lashes and apply black liquid liner on the top. It will give you darker appearance and this will stay on your eyes on all day. Always dark eye-liner enhances look and the shape of your eyes

8. A liquid liner should be checked for clump or excess. If you want cat look you can extend eyeliner slightly past the corner of your eyes. Eyeliner colors black and brown are an ideal base color

9. It is a common Psychology if you are applying white liners to inside to the bottom lid it can helpful to give you brighter look to your eyes. But do not apply overload liner to inside lid.

·Useful Eyeliner Application Tips

1) If you are using liquid liner, allow it to dry before opening your eye all the way, or the color may transfer into the crease of your eyes.

2) Remember that there are many variations on eyeliner look. If this is your first time, you might want to start with smudged eyeliner look

3) Line the lower lid. Trace outside of your eye. Never put eyeliner on inner rims because it gives you earlier, dramatic wrinkles and can give you eye infection especially if you use un-quality brand.

4) Never apply thick line eyeliner always apply a fine line. Use a fine brush to smooth it out.

5) When using the eye pencil, open your mouth slightly to relax eye muscles. It will make lining lot easier without having to pull or tug at your lid.

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