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How To Apply Blush

No matter you have got beautiful looks or ordinary one, the proper application of blush can bring that extra glow to your face. You just have to know the correct way of apply blush.

How to apply brush

1) In order to find your cheekbones suck cheeks in. Now feel along the edge of your cheekbone. This is where you have to place cheek color to make cheekbones more prominent and enhance other features as well.

2) Now give smile to yourself. This will reveal apples of your cheeks. Then dip your blush brush into powder, shake off the excess, and brush it lightly over apple of your cheek, moving upwards toward the ear, with short, up and down vertical movements.

3) You should apply the blusher underneath the cheekbone but for an even stronger look you can apply some to temple also.

4) Again smile and apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks. If you keep the blush color on the front of your cheeks then it will not only give an illusion of a clear skin but also emphasize your eyes.

5) In case your face cut is very long and narrow then you need to create width. For this you should apply color no higher than the lower edge of the cheekbone and keep angle horizontal. You should apply blush color only on outer side of your cheeks, as cheek color in the middle of face will emphasize length only.

6) In case you want to enhance length of your face then you should apply blush color in middle of your face. The cheek color on the outer side of your cheeks will only emphasize roundness of the face.

Few important things to remember

While selecting color of blush make sure that it matches with your lipstick color.

1) You should go for a light shade of blush color for the daytime and a dark one for evenings.

2) You can select either cream blush or powder depending upon suitability of your skin. Cream blush is considered good for dry skin whereas the powder blush is good for oily skin.

3) Make sure that before applying blush you are finished with application of powder, foundation and eye makeup.

4) While applying the powder blush prefer to use a round brush because it gives better effects as compared to brush that usually comes with the blush.

5) On your brush or on your middle finger place a little amount of blush and ensure that you tap off the excess amount of the blush if there is any.

6) In case you have a fuller face you should apply blush at the outside of your face near your temples.

7) In case of high cheekbones you should apply blush in the center of your face.

8) You should sweep blush color in an arc following the line of your cheekbone up from apple of your cheek to your hairline.

9) In case you are using gel the blush then you should rub it in small circle on apple of your cheeks, blending it well up into your hairline.

10) In order to give more natural look you should apply a little blush down cheeks, over your forehead, nose and chin.

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