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How to Keep Kid in Car Seat

As children grow up and move from your lap to their own seat in car, they might get uncomfortable and start resisting car seat. They might feel suffocated due to lack of space and being unable to see through window maybe because of their short height. They could also resist seat belt due to the same reason. Seat belt however is very necessary and you shouldn’t compromise on that just to feel child more comfortable.

1) Adjust the Seat to Your Child's Needs- Children needs to customizing to car seat for their safely and securely. You should follow some guidelines on seating kid with tracheotomies, muscle tone abnormalities and behavioral issues, as well as the children who must be restrained while lying down.

2) Make Your Child the Seat belt Police-Drive home fact that seatbelts are important by always wearing one yourself, and enforcing buckle-down rule for the whole family. Put your car-seat escapist in the charge of monitoring everyone's buckle status. The authority to boss other into restraint may make your child more conscientious about keeping his own on. Try turning off things your child enjoy instead -- no seat belt, no stereo, no chit-chat and no fun.

3) Seat belt is most important if you are ignoring it can be cause of serious injury. If you want habit of seat belt for your child you should set an example by using it strictly.

4) Provide Distractions- Make sure the belt latch is not most interesting thing your child has to play with in the car. Hand-intensive toy and game, like activity kits may keep your child away from buckle toy that's holding her into seat.

5) Make a habit of car seat belt from starting. Always push and encourage your child that he or she sits properly without making a noise. Never ignore your child if he or she is sits nicely with the safety belt. Let show your child you have noticed that he or she has managed very well with the belt.

·6) Give a Reward- If you use behavior chart or point system with your child, give point for staying safely seated. Or assign points in short term to be redeemed immediately on arrival for treat or privilege - ice cream at mall. Be sure to keep reward small and sacrifice-able-something that highly motivates your child but makes no difference to you one way or other is ideal.

7) Furnish a Seatmate- Do you have spare backseat space and an old outgrown car seat? Try putting extra seat beside your child's, buckling in a favorite doll or stuffed animal, and putting your child in charge of making sure that imaginary playmate doesn’t escape from seat.

8) Furnish a Seatmate- It is tradition parents always sit in front seats and kids on the back side, but it’s not a safe to leave your kid on back seat alone. From parents one should sit in the back for the safety of the child. If you are not going with spare adult, older sibling can do same.

Don't even casually mention amongst yourselves also that you do not like it as then your children will also take encouragement from that.


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