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Help Child Cope with Fear

Fear is a perfectly a normal emotion. It can either be taken very positively or negatively. A negative approach to fear would be by being scared and escaping from problem. A positive approach however would make us confront our fear and work out mechanism to work out solution to the problem that is making us afraid. This is what needs to be taught to children - to deal with their fears in a proper way.

Your child could be going through a lot of fear as a part of growing up. He could be afraid of anything - from nightmare to animal to illness to even losing proximity to you that he enjoyed when he was younger, it could be anything. A child's instant reaction to fear could be either ignoring it. At this moment, how parent react or make them feel plays very important role in their coping up with fear. You can encourage your children by discussing how they have been affected by what’s happening around them.

Here are some useful tips for parents :
1) You can encourage your children by asking questions- patience for parents is very important. You should always give importance listen to your children and understand very calmly what your children want to say. Always give full comfort and assurance while they are addressing their specific fear.

2) Always try Talk on their level- Always Communicate with your children according to their age level and as they can understand easily. Do not try to explain in complicated way because your child can get confuse to know the reality.

·3) You should observe and try to Find out what frightens them- always give Encouragement too your kid especially when you are talking about fear they may have. Some times your children may worry that somebody can harm them at any place.

4) Focus on the positive things- Its fact that mostly people are caring. Always tell your kid of heroic actions taken by normal people to help victims of tragedy.

5) Pay attention during their activities- when your children is playing and he or she is in drawing mood can give you clue into their question or concern. You should ask your children to tell you that what is going on in game or in the drawing. This can be a good opportunity to clarify their misconception.

6) The last and strict no- No is encouragement to fear by the false imagination. For purpose of mere entertainment, family might get involved into fear provoking discussions or go for occasional thriller or horror movie. If at end of any such thing kids are explained that this was purely for entertainment and has no relation to reality what so ever, then it could be fine. However, if it is left at child's disposal to imagine, then it will really harm his psychology badly.

Along with taking all these precaution, you as parent can handle your child's fears by a positive approach. Giving him sense of security through soothing word and your body language can go long way.

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