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Foundation Types

Choosing right foundation is an important part of your makeup routine. The type of coverage you choose is just as important as color you choose. Foundation is the first cosmetic to be applied on face while doing makeup to serve as base for look that you are going to paint later. The wise selection of just the right foundation that suits your skin, color and tone is quite necessary as it determines whether you are going to look naturally beautiful having flawless smooth skin or quite artificial as if you have put on mask of cosmetic layers. There are various types of foundations such as hypoallergenic and allergy-tested foundation for those who suffer from skin allergies; liquid, cream, powder or cake foundation to suit various seasons; oil-free foundation for oily skin; stick foundation for the handbags; stay-on foundation to last for longer period of time and camouflage foundation to hide skin blemishes and give smooth skin-effect.

Liquid Foundations: A thin film of liquid foundation is best for natural look makeup and is most commonly used by the women for daily purposes. It comes in oil-based formula for people with dry to normal skin and water-based formula for people with oily skin. It is very important to match foundation to your natural complexion. Most of foundations come in pink, orange and yellow-based formula. Yellow base is fit most of women and very popular.

Powder Foundation: Powder foundation is easy to apply because of its creamy texture; it works well on oily skin. Apply foundation brush on your skin very gracefully and neatly until you are satisfied with the application. Powder foundation is perfect if you do not wear makeup ordinarily and it gives you a natural look if applied perfectly. But powder foundation will not give perfect look to dry skin.

Cream Foundation: Cream foundation is available in market in many forms as compact, stick, tube or jar. The texture of creamy foundation is much thicker than any foundation and but applying this is very helpful to cover noticeable marks on your face. This foundation can use any skin type instead of oily skin because this can be heavy for oily skin. If your skin is oily and you are using creamy foundation it would be better if you will give finishing with some loose powder applied with brush to soak up access oil from your skin.


Liquid to Powder: Liquid to powder foundation usually is available in a compact form and for application sponge or brush are good mediums. Its dries quickly so should apply fast

Cake or Stick foundation: Cake or stick foundations are solid in form The cake or stick foundations gives perfect look to oily skin and it gives a matte look and helpful to cover marks on your skin

Waterproof foundation: In summer due to humidity and high temperatures skin needs extra coverage so in these days waterproof foundation helpful for your skin. Waterproof foundations are available in different shades and according to your skin type so always choose best suited to you.





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