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Foundation Tips

With the right foundation tips, you can mask those unwanted blemishes, freckles or dark spots, especially if you are in a rush to put your makeup on. For great makeover you must start with the right foundation. Whereas eye shadow, lipstick, and blusher accent the face, it is the foundation that sets the tone for a woman's appearance. Use these helpful foundation application tips to get the skin looking clean and clear every time you leave your house. To give a natural look we should apply foundation very carefully.

Some Useful foundation Tips

1) Test foundation along the jaw line - not on your hand and definitely not on the inside of your wrist. View it under the different light settings. It must match natural color of your neck.

2) Dampen your cosmetics sponge to create sheer finish.

3) It’s necessarily to shake off the foundation bottle to mix well especially when you going to apply liquid foundation.

4) After applying foundation Always set the foundation with loose powder for finishing touch.

5) If you have some age lining on your face or skin have mature look then foundation light reflecting ingredients to brighten your skin should apply. Be very careful while choosing your foundation it should be appropriate according to your skin type

6) If you have oily skin than powder foundations with a matte finish can give you more graceful look.

7) If you want to cover marks and blemishes on your skin than heavier foundation is suitable for your skin.

8) When you are going to apply foundation firstly wash your face with gentle soap and never forget to apply moisturizer before applying foundation

9) Foundation contains SPF at least 15 is helpful to protect your skin from the UV rays and it’s very beneficial for those, who are doing outdoor jobs

10) When you are going to apply foundation firstly warm it on your palms. The heat from your hands can increase ability of foundation and this can also helps the base to last longer.

11) Applying foundation trick is also very important. You should apply foundation is evenly on your face.

12) You should start applying foundation firstly from the centre of your face and than move outwards

13) To give more natural look always applies foundation to your neck. If you are applying only to your face this can give you odd look.

14) There also foundation with sunscreen available in market. This type of foundation can prevent you from sun damage.

15) Lighter weight foundation is useful for very oily skin.

16) One should Use foundation according to season as summer foundation can be differ and the winter foundation can be also differ

17) Your compact powder shade should always same as your foundation shade

18) People with oily skin should use oil free powder and also oil-free moisturizer

19) To apply foundation evenly tries to use makeup sponge and you can use tissue to soak up the excess oil. This is beneficial for oily skin

20) If you have dry skin then you should avoid matte foundation because this can give you totally dull look but those have very oily skin matte foundation is best for them.




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