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Eyeliner Techniques

Eyes are very powerful features in person. You can enhance your look and can downplay other less attractive facial characteristics by highlighting the eyes in proper way. Eyeliner plays a good role to give a dramatic touch to your face and for soften the look also. When you are going to but eyeliner you should keep in mind the color of eyes and the eye shadow. It gives a wonderful look if you apply eyeliner as close as possible into lashes. Pencil eyeliner is quite easy to apply and It gives you desire look. Liquid eyeliner requires more practice and patience. You shape and define your eyes with the eyeliner.

Some useful Tips for how to apply Eyeliner

1) You should choose medium or dark shadow color to line your eyes.

2) You should prefer to use small, flat, angled brush for application of eye shadow.

3) Always stroke brush over the eye shadow.

4) To give a round appearance to your eye, apply soft neutral brown shade across the eyelid and slightly above crease, creating a round shape. And blend it going upwards towards brow.

5) Then apply same color shadow underneath bottom lashes

6) You can also create more dramatic line by wetting the brush before stroking it through shadow.

7) Selecting base shadow in light color is very important. Eyeliner colors black and brown are an ideal base color When you are using the eye shadow brush, apply it from brow to the lash line.

8) This minor tip is very important if you are applying eye shadows: try to use long handled brush.

9) To cover your lower lids you should use medium-toned eye shadow.

10) If you have such big eyes you should use light shade over lid and it would be better if you are using dark shade on outer corner of the lid. You can give beautiful Outline to your eyes by using eyeliner on upper and lower lids. Apply a white or cream shadow in middle of the brow bone for highlighting it as a last step.

11) Always Use a cosmetic puff or sponge as applicator and little pressed powder to for toning down heavy shadow apply powder with little pressing the applicator. Before applying powder on lid you should shake excess powder from applicator (sponge or puff).

12) For more natural looks always Use very fine pencil liner of natural look and to upper and lower lash lines.

13) When you are going to apply any eye liner never try and change the shape of your eye because makeup is for enhancing your personality of beauty not to spoil it

Eyeliner Application Tips

1) When using the eye pencil, open your mouth slightly to relax eye muscles. It will make lining lot easier without having to pull or tug at your lid.

2) Apply the eyeliner as close as possible and even into the lashes to avoid white line you sometimes get when liner and lashes do not connect.

3) Do not put on mound of eyeliner because you will look like a raccoon about three hours later.


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