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Eyeliner Makeup

Eyeliner is the frame to your eyes. Eyes are very powerful features in person. You can enhance your look and can downplay other less attractive facial characteristics by highlighting the eyes in proper way.

You shape and define your eyes with the eyeliner. The objective is to open up the eyes. Since your eyelash line defines the eye shape, you must understand the eye make up application tips that enhance your eye shape. With your eyes as one of most powerful features, exploit way eyeliner accentuates these windows to your soul. By highlighting the eyes, you can downplay other less attractive facial characteristic.

Appling Skillful eyeliner needs lots of practice and patience you can do practice in front of mirror also.

1) First of all when you are going to apply eyeliner do start from upper eyelids. While you are applying eyeliner you should look down with the eyes.

2) Now gently draw an even line close to the lashes as possible. For under eyes area look eyes upward and place softly a line to outer edge of eyes.

3) Many women like to apply eye liner to inner rims of eyes. For this you should Open your mouth and keep the eyes from the blinking. It’s your wish to apply a line top only or both the top and bottom of the eyes.

4) If you are covering too much area with applying eyeliner can give you a dramatic the look. Decide exact level of eye makeup according to individual’s tastes. When you are applying eye liner never try and change the shape of your eye because makeup is for enhancing your personality of beauty not to spoil it

Types of Eyeliner

Pencil The pencil eyeliner is the easy to apply. Before applying pencil should well sharpen and always give priority to each use. Pencil eyeliner should apply with gentle hands. Always use pencil liner in little strokes instead of continuous line by doing this you can apply without any mistake. Never uses pencil eyeliner before one or two years because by applying it there is a risk of infection, simply sharpen often.

Liquid it is most difficult type of makeup to apply is liquid eyeliner. For simple apply do start from the center of the top eyelid and draw half of line to outside corner of the eye with liner brush. For good and long lasting effect always prefer a waterproof liquid liner.

Eye Shadow Using darker neutral shade of shadow dips your eyeliner brush into the makeup and applies. Wipe any excess with tissue or cotton.

Special Tips

1) Extend the top line a little past the corner of eye for a Cleopatra effect.

2) When lining the top and bottom of eye, make sure lines do not meet at the corners. This has a tendency to make eyes look very smaller.

3) Eyeliner colors black and brown are an ideal base color.

4) When choosing eyeliner, find one that glides smoothly, but with still firm control.

5) Avoid too much liner because it will easily look contrived.


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