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Eyecare: Eyebrow Piercing

Eyes are the link to the outer world and it is expressive area in human body. Fashion is in the blood of youngsters these days and one branch of fashion tree comes with a thing called eye piercing, A way to get importance or been seen attracted, It’s been with great styles and been with skilled people in this line. Eyebrow piercing is common these days.

Piercing styles varies from one individual to another. The eyebrow piercing is being done on the eyebrow, near to the head, than the nose. Eyebrow piercing is pierced vertically that a ring been punched from top to bottom.

As we all knew this, Master of every profession is the game planner coach of his or her profession. They must do the piercing close to the nose on the eyebrow, most piercing are being done at a forty degree angle, so that ring or jewelry can’t tear the eyebrows out. Some people like to do multiple eyebrow piercing eyebrows - but everything have the limits. Eye brow piercing size 1.2 mm, you can choose your own size, depending on your structure.

Once a person had his or her eyebrow pierced, it usually takes 5 to 8 weeks to heal but meanwhile sweating and make up causes the irritation and prolongs the healing .Some people keep on saying o others that you can have your pierce done at home by heating the pin and just punch into skin of eyebrow but its danger it can cause serious damage and it can be worse. This is wrong. Don’t even think of trying it by you, because we can’t tell that we are doing it in proper way or we can end up landing on the bed of hospital with screaming mom or dad. Spending money for a professional is not a bad idea because after all it’s your face which is the beauty for outer world.

But, the way in which we get the piercing done, it can get side effects as well. If the material or we can say the instruments aren’t properly been take care of or not sterilized and have been used for other people, then the case can be worse, infections such as hepatitis and HIV can be transmitted into the body. Accidents are meant to be occurring and old people say promises are meant to be broken so, as in the same way of sayings. With the ring can be tucked or say can get one fold more and it can cause pain during regular activities. A ring which can tear the skin apart, pops out of an eyebrow will cause lot of pain and damages.

There are many disadvantages of any kind of piercing whether it is body, ear, eyebrow, or any other part of the body. One should really think twice before thinking of doing this.

Rest in today’s world everything goes on but fashion is not everything or you can say that after seeing the new things youngsters try it and when it been worse then they just visualize it.



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