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Encourage Reading in Children

With advent of so many new modes of entertainment, things like good reading habits seem to be passing. If you want your child to develop this habit you need to serve it in front of him not as compulsion but as an entertainment. Here are some points by trying you can encourage good reading habits in the children.

Arrange good books- It natural those Children are readers almost always come from home where books and other reading materials are present throughout the house. Do not put your children's books out of way because at reading mood your child can’t see them or if parents are in service can’t reach them himself. Put books in child’s room and on study table, near the floor, within their reach of him.

·Parents should also Read- If you want to mould your child’s reading habit the best ways of teaching children to read is parents should also read good books. If you are children is watching that you are reading with interest and fully enjoying reading habit they will try to develop same habit and pursue the same activity that you are doing.

·Give books as award and gift- If you want to encourage good reading habits in your child never forget to give books as gifts at birthday time, holiday time and also as award. In market There are many inexpensive books available and It can becomes more valuable and cherished when we will give someone as gift.

·By special gestures parents can make reading as fun- parents or family members should Act stories by using different voices, and most importantly use full zeal. Some time boring way of reader can make boring story where as story does exciting and fun love.

·By Read frequently can enhance the reading habit- Parents or family members should Offer daily to read books to young children. Older should encourage reading independently everyday and also can show interest in conversation about what they are reading.

·Older should Turn off television and provide quiet time when child is reading books. Because watching too much television is not a healthy habit it can have harmful affect on developing younger child. Silent reading also helpful to promote the consecration power.

·You should also take your children to library regularly with you, so they can choose book according to their interest and by watching lots of book its helps to encourage child to read.

· From many years comics and magazines are also a best way to encourage reading. Books on tape and CD are also available in market and this can be an excellent choice to encourage the reading habit to your child.

Encouraging for reading to child is not a tough task if parents are reading to giving proper time to their children they can do easily. You should have to do some efforts because if you do not have a reading habit how you can encourage to your child to read good books.




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