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Dandruff treatment

We can consider Dandruff also as a kind of skin problem that affects to our scalp. White and dry flakes of dead skin shed from the scalp in the condition of serious Dandruff problem. Dandruff is also causes of hair loss and baldness. Commonly Unclean habit, Emotional problem, Exposure to severe the cold, Hard shampoo, Excessive intake of oily food and sweets are main cause of dandruff.

Ayurvedic and Home treatment for Dandruff

You can rid from dandruff by some natural ayurvedic treatments. These are natural home remedies have no side effects.

1) Make a mixture of lime juice and vinegar in equal quantities and Massage on scalp. Wash hairs with gentle and herbal shampoo after this process.

2) Massage scalp at least twice a week with lukewarm coconut oil for half an hour

3) Tulsi leaves and Amla Powder are very useful. Make a fine paste of tulsi and amla mixed with water. Apply paste on scalp and Massage on it and leave it for the scalp for 1 hour. Wash only with lukewarm water.

4) Fenugreek is very helpful preventing serious dandruff problem, also in hair fall problem. Soak handful fenugreek seeds in water overnight and in morning grind soft seeds into smooth paste the following morning. Apply this paste on scalp and Leave paste for half an hour and then wash it with gentle shampoo.

5) Applying eggs on hairs are very effective to get rid from dandruff. You make simple shampoo with eggs. Beat for 4 eggs with a little water in it. Apply this mixture on the hair and leave it. Massage the scalp for short while and wash with lukewarm water.

6) We consider neem also as an herb. Boil the neem leaves in water for 20 minutes and rinse hair with this water is very useful.

7) Oil of Tea tree is also used as an effective medicine for dandruff problem. Mix 1 tablespoon tea tree oil in hot water and massage the scalp. Wash hairs with lukewarm lemon water. The better if you are doing this process at night before going to bed.

Precautions for dandruff problem

Here are some precautions that can be taken by person suffering from dandruff problem. By following some precautions can avoid contagion of dandruff.

1) Never use a comb used by another. If someone from your family is suffering from dandruff, never use his/her comb because Dandruff is very highly contagious.

2) If you have from dandruff problem and if you are using anti dandruff shampoo, wash your comb every time after using shampoo. By doing this you can control on dandruff very easily

3) Wash you hairs properly and give section attention to cleanliness of your hair. Wash your hairs with medicated or gentle herbal Shampoo at least once in the week. When you are washing your hair, avoid the water from your hair dripping down on your face as it may cause of pimples.

4) Do not allow your hair to remain wet for very long time because Leaving the scalp wet for long time facilitates growth of dandruff.




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