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Dandruff Control

Dandruff is a problem that is very uncomfortable, annoying and embarrassing. There are many people who have dandruff problem. Dandruff appears as very small its unsightly dry white patches and especially on top of your head. We can consider it also as skin problem and it happen because of unhealthy diet or eating habits, hormonal imbalance and sometimes infection also can be a cause and usually your scales absorb excess oil. If dandruff problem is increasing rapidly it can become worse than should consult doctor.


Dandruff is thought to be caused by fungus called malassezia, a fat eating fungus, which lives on scalp of most healthy adults. While it doesn’t cause problems for most people, malassezia can sometimes grow-out of control and begin feeding on the oil on the scalp. The result is increased cell turnover and large number of dead skin cell. These cells, combined with dirt and oil from your hairs and scalp, form flaky white scales.


The common symptoms of dandruff include itching, white and oily flakes. There are several conditions, including psoriasis, dry skin, seborrhea dermatitis, or contact dermatitis, which present similar symptom. Before beginning treatment for dandruff, it is important to consult the dermatologist to make sure you are treating the right condition.

Try some of these remedies

1) Massage with lukewarm oil is very helpful for dandruff scale. For massaging you can apply coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil. After applying it left overnight. Next morning before washing your hairs applies the lemon juice.

2) Henna is also very beneficial to controlling the dandruff and helps you to promote healthy growth. Make a mixture of Henna powder, lemon, curd and egg. Apply for two hour and wash it. This formula is good for curing dandruff problem.

3) Massage your scalp with aloe Vera gel. Leave it for 15 minutes and after that wash your hairs with gentle and herbal shampoo. Regular use of it can keep away the dandruff.

4) Apply curd is very effective to get rid from dandruff. Apply curd for half an hour on your hairs especially on your scalp and then wash it with gentle or herbal shampoo.

5) Apple vinegar is also helpful to cure dandruff problem. Massage your scalp with vinegar, lever it for few minutes then wash hairs with gentle shampoo. Repeat this process daily until dandruff disappears.

6) Add two or three crushed aspirin in your normal amount of shampoo. Apply on your hairs and leave it for few minutes. During Rinsing make sure that all aspirin has been washed away.

7) This solution is very interesting Add small baking soda in your shampoo. Mix it well. Leave till it starts burning. If it not burning that mean it’s not working.

8) You should wash your combs and brushes regularly to keep dandruff from relapsing. Use a very good shampoo with an anti-dandruff action that gently loosens scale and prevent new ones. Avoid excessive use of hair dryer. Re-think your diet and lifestyle. Learn relaxation techniques if your problem is caused by stress and strain. If the problem still persists consult the doctor.




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