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Cucumber Soup

Cucumber is a fruit. It came from the same family as pumpkin and zucchini. It has dark green rind and white succulent flesh. There are two types of cucumbers pickling varieties and slicing varieties.

Ingredients for cucumber soup

Large cucumbers 6
Plain yogurt 1 cup
Sour cream 2/3 cup
Dry mustard 1/2 teaspoon
Quart plastic pitcher 2
Sprinkle of fresh or dried dill
Salt and pepper according to taste



1) Peel and nicely chop the cucumbers. The other cucumbers chopped into large bits. If you do not have six cucumbers, four will do just fine.

2) Place larger chunks of cucumber, the yogurt, sour cream, mustard, salt and pepper into blender. Puree until cucumbers are liquid and mixed well into the soup mixture.

3) Remove pitcher from the blender and pour the mixture into the 2 quart pitcher. If you have more soup than fits into pitcher, simply place the extra soup into a bowl. Stir chopped cucumber into the mixture, along with the dill.

4) Serve soup into soup bowls. Add very thin slices of fresh cucumber and onion if you wish to top.


Tips & Warnings

I- Cucumbers that are very watery make soup runny. You can also add more sour cream to thicken.

II-· Be sure to get all seeds out of the cucumber before blending.

Health benefit of cucumber- Maintaining optimum health, beneficial for Weight loss. Do not include too many cucumbers in diet if you are interested in Weight gaining.

The fresh cucumber is still very good source of vitamin C, vitamin A and mineral molybdenum. It is also a good source of potassium, manganese, dietary fiber and magnesium

Nutritive Values: Per 100 gm.
Vitamin A - 180 I -U
Vitamin C - 9 mg.
Calories 70
Potassium 80 mg.
Carbohydrates 17 gm.
Calcium 32 mg.
Iron 1.8 mg.
Phosphorus 27 mg.



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