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Concealer Tips

During makeup the concealer is used in order to conceal camouflages dark circle, tiny line, and minor blemishes. If you find that your concealer goes dry during day, you should try dabbing on eye cream or gel to revive then set with the powder. You should use very small brush or your fingertips for this purpose and apply only where you needed. You should always try choosing the concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Doing so will help you the cover dark circles and blemishes more naturally.

Concealer Tricks

· You can add yellow eye shadow to concealer or foundation to conceal dark circle.

· You can add blue or green eye shadow to concealer or foundation to correct ruddy tone and broken capillaries.

· You can also use residue in the cap of your foundation as perfect concealer. It is slightly dehydrated, which makes it just right thickness to conceal.

· After applying the concealer if it gives the heavy look then you should apply the little bit of eye cream over it. You can also mix the concealer with some eye cream to make it 'treatment' concealer.

· Make sure concealer or make up matches to your skin. See how it looks in the bright light or sunlight. It should blend so well that it seems transparent on skin, yet it hides desired areas. A more natural look is when you use a sheer layer.

Here are some tips to for the best results out of concealer:

· Firstly choose right concealer color according to your face.

· Put a very small amount on your fourth fingertip. Dot it on and move from outside corner of the eye inward and back out again.

· Before applying the concealer apply the moisturizer on your dry skin

· Do not use concealer on pigmentations because apply on its need a heavier layer which gives a worse look.

· When you are using concealer on dark circle always use your fingertips

· Some areas need attention for applying concealer on our face as Nose Bridge, corner of mouth and the outer corner of eye.

· Concealer can hide imperfection of your skin and it can give you flawless skin. Always apply concealer with fingertips or soft flat brush

· After applying it check that concealer should apply evenly on your face. After finished it apply translucent powder.

· Always check concealer or other cosmetics’s manufacturing and avoid expiring date.

· Some people use brushes for appling concealer, but its best if you apply concealer with fourth finger. The fourth finger exerts least pressure and it can blend better.

· Always use concealer a shade lighter than foundation you are using and apply it on the applied foundation.

· You can rid from birthmarks by using yellow-based concealers.

· For under-eye dark circles you can choose a creamy concealer with matt finish

· Always remember if you are using do not forget cover entire under-eye.

· Liquid concealer is good for dry skin and for under-eye circles.

· Solid concealer is used to cover pimples and scars.


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