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Color Corrector

In case you use color corrector, ensure that you apply very small amount of it and then only apply foundation. When you find that it almost has set, once again apply tiny amount of the color corrector. A good concealer should come close matching your skin tone to give the most natural coverage. At most, you should select color that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. In certain cases, you may want to use color correcting concealer to camouflage specific areas. If you want to cover dark under-eye circles, choose color correcting concealer with yellow tone. To counteract skin redness, select a color corrector with green undertone.

If you do not have a color correcting concealer available, in the pinch you can add touch of eye shadow to your concealer to give the appropriate color correction. If you have scarred to cover, go one shade deeper than your natural skin tone to give the maximum coverage. There is also special concealer available to cover scars.

Color Corrector

Here comes a list of color correctors to help you get that all-important matchs:

Green Cuts and tones down the redness

Apricot Brightens the cooler skin tones

Peach Brightens the cooler skin tones

Rose Lifts the sallow complexions and gives a glow

Lilac Cuts excess yellow in skin and lifts sallow complexions

Blue Takes down orangey skin tones, also correct the bad self-tan applications

Bronze Brightens and lifts nearly all the skin tones.

Gold Accentuates the golden skin tones and suntans

Silver Brighten cooler skin. Usually only done in evening

Yellow Brightens warmer the skin tones, downplay bluish discoloration.

Understanding the Neutralising color

Neutralising the colours are colours that appear opposite on color wheel.

Here is a guideline as to how to use it

Beige Use beige to the conceal flaws and the shadows-also brightens the under-eye area;

Mint Green Use to neutralize red tones on the skin. Use this for covering blemishes, red blotches, port-wine stains

Yellow Used to conceal bluish bruises, under-eye circle and mild red tone on the face.

Lavender Used to normalize yellow-colored imperfection such as the sallow complexions and yellow bruises. It can also help conceal very dark under-eye circle and dark spot on bronze skin tones;

How to apply Corrective Color Concealers

1) Dot a neutralizing concealer on carefully and blend with your fingertips slightly past edges of the problem.

2) Apply the concealer that matches the colour of your skin tone over the layer of neutralizing concealer. You can step this step if you choose and go straight to the foundation application, but it is recommended to apply neutral color concealer. Gently pat on thin layer with your fingertips.

3) Follow with the foundation matched to your skin tone. Pat on foundation with sponge or the fingertips in downward motion so you do not make the hairs on your face stand up. Be careful not to rub in concealer. Let it set and apply powder.


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