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Blush and Face Shapes

Face is the mirror, looking straight ahead, traces the shape of your face with a washable makeup or lipstick. Determine your face shape based on what you have traced on to the mirror: Round, Oval, Square, or Heart-Shaped.

·1) Firstly remember always use a superior quality Blush Brush. You can prominent your face and cheeks look naturally. Look at the mirror and Smile now you can see fleshy part that stands out the most; to this portion you can saw apple of check. It is very starting point for applying your blusher. You should apply a light layer of blusher to the apples of your cheeks.

2)Before applying blusher on your face remove excess blush from your blush powder. You should remember one thing avoids blowing on the bristles because by doing this you can put the bacteria from your mouth on to the brush. In market there is Compact size blush brushes are small and the bristles are not well shaped. So, always use very superior quality brush.

3)Always firstly apply powder blush on the apple of your cheeks and very softly brush up your cheekbone toward the hairline. It should not apply so closer to your nose.

4)We can describe a round face it as wide as its long, with the greatest width at the cheeks. To give slenderize look, apply the blush in a sideways V of cheekbones and blend up well. To increase an illusion of length apply little blush to your chin and blend it well.

·5)Square face shape has a squared forehead also same width as the cheekbones and the jaw line. The square shape jaw is very prominent feature. When you are going to apply blusher always starts from the center of the eyes apply your blush on the cheekbones. You can also apply on your forehead and chin to give soft look to the square angle of the face.

6)Rectangular face shape can be described as the elongated square shape. The forehead, cheekbones and the jaw line is about the same width. Always starts to apply blush on cheekbones below outer corners of the eyes and blend it very gently.

7)From every face shape we consider oval shape as an ideal shape. In this shape always forehead is wider than chin. You should Use fingertips to locate most prominent part of your cheekbone to apply blush and you should blend toward the temples to highlight your cheekbone.

8)We can describe triangular face shape as wide forehead and very high cheekbones. Always Blush of blushers should apply in a sideway V on the cheekbone. Never forget to blend up from your cheekbones to your temples and then extend blush over your brow toward the center of your forehead. This application can help to balance the width of your forehead with rest of your face.

9)If you have heart face shape you should apply blush color very slightly below your apple of the cheek for more of a contour then up at a diagonal.



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