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Add Volume to Hair

Hairs without volume look colorless and very dry. Volume is not any ingredient, so you need to baby sit you hair everyday to make them look good and healthy. Here are few suggestions to keep in mind to add volume to your hair.

1) Allow your hair to dry at least 80 percent before you begin using hair dryer, as heat combined with water can severely dry and damage your hairs. Additionally, you should never use brush on damp hair, as when wet, your hair is very elastic and can easily break. Instead, use a wide toothed comb, working from tips to roots to minimize the damage.

2) Add quick volume to your hairs using your blow dryer by simply sliding your finger into your hair and lifting up about two inches from roots. Pull your hair in opposite direction that you want it to fall, drying on the underside of your hair. When you let go of the hair, you should notice more volume.

3) Thoroughly dry the roots in this manner to add most volume to any hairstyle. To maintain the created volume while curling or styling tips, again, hold your hair in opposite direction that you want it to fall. For instance, if you are using curling iron or any large curling brush, hold your lock of hair high and up, instead of pulling down along the side of your head.

4) Protect your hair when drying tips and add extra volume to your hairstyle quickly by pointing your blow dryer down the length of your hairs. In this manner, the heat moves along the hairs shaft in the same direction of your hair's cuticles, preventing damage and over drying. By protecting natural moisture in your hair, you will automatically increase the volume.

Thin Hair Volume Such type of hair volume normally has strands, which are small in diameter. Very thin hairs are likely to be weightless. Most of the times, thin hairs are straight and do not get curled easily. Adding volume to the thin hair can be a difficult task. Protein zed conditioner, light gel, and mousses are some of the hair care product that reinforces thin hair. Avoid heavier products on the thin hair as they will weight hair down.

Medium Hair Volume Medium hair volume type is most commonly found and most manageable hair volume. Hair with medium volume usually holds curl and takes well to the chemical processes, like perm and hair coloring. If you have medium hairs volume type, you can select just any hair style and can experiment with variety of styles.

Thick Hair Volume This type of hair volume is often strong and hard to manage. To people having the slim frame and small face thick hair volume could be a blessing. It could be a headache to manage such hairs and their goal may be to reduce hair volume. Such problem can be dealt with right haircut. Probably layered haircut can give thick hair better shape and direction, over and above reducing the thickness of the hair


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