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How to Get Shiny Hair

Hairs are very important part of your appearance. If hairs do not look good, entire appearance can be ruined. All of us would like to have shiny, beautiful, silky hairs. But many of us do not know how to make our hair silky and shiny. Different hairs need different ingredients to make it shiny. Silky and shiny hairs enhance the beauty of a person.

Quality of our diet hair reflects the quality of our diet. After that damage limitation is order of the day. Drying, coloring, Sun, wind, pollution, and vigorous brushing all take their toll on the state of your hairs. And all know the result: stressed hair, dull and lifeless with no body or shine and split ends.

Healthy diet, lots of water and a reduction in environmental stress will all contribute to shiny and strong hairs. We can’t avoid going out side, sun and wind and attendant pollutants will always be with us. But we can stop drying, curling or straightening hairs every day.

Tips for Silky Hair Apply 2 eggs mixed with 3 spoons olive oil to your hairs. Then wrap your hair and leave for 15 minutes then wash. This is very good tip for silky and shiny hair.

1) Shikakai powder, fenugreek seeds and green grams mixed with an egg and used like shampoo this also improves texture of hair resulting in soft hair.

2) Add 6 drops of lemon juice to an egg. Beat it and apply to your hair after that wash with a shampoo.

3) 2 spoons of fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in water. The softened seeds should be grounded into a fine paste, mixed it with curd and applied over scalp & left for ½ an hour and then wash your hairs. This is very affective for dandruff problem and makes hair straight and silky

4) Pack for hairs - Take 2 tablespoon fuller's earth, 2 tablespoon of besan and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Apply this pack for 25-30 minutes and then wash it. If your hairs are damaged then add two eggs in this pack. You can also apply any hair oil before applying this pack. This is a very a good conditioner.

5) Take amla (100gm), brahmi booti (10gm), shilajit (1/2 gm), shikaki (100gm), anaarchhilka (20gm), bhringraj (10 gm). Soak all ingredients overnight in an iron utensil. Make the paste of all ingredients. Apply into your scalp. Keep it for 1hour and wash it with warm water.

6) Mix curd, mustard oil and lemon, apply on hair and wash hairs after half an hour.

7) Mix equal quantities of lemon juice and onion and apply to hairs before shampoo.

8) Vinegar- After shampoo your hair, add one tablespoon of vinegar to a mug of water and poured over the hair it gives shine to the hair

9) Stop washing your hair in hot water. The heats strip your hair from the natural oils it creates.

10) Get trim your hairs; if your hairs are full of split ends. Trim your hairs every six to eight weeks

11) Rinse your hairs with cool water. Cold water will close hair's cuticle and leave you with glossy surface.


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