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Eyeliner and Eyes

Eyes are very important feature of your face as they reflect your views; on the other hand shapes of your eyes also play a very significant role in enhancing your eye beauty. By using the eyeliner you can get any type of eye such as close-set eyes, small eyes, deep-set eyes, and drooping eyes etc. and more attractive eyes. We consider Eyeliner as one of the most important cosmetics, to give dramatic look without much time and efforts. Eyeliner makes pop out by defining and accentuating eye shape. Whether you choose soft line or dramatic stroke, you can also embellish your soul by spending just short while in front of a mirror with an eyeliner pencil.

1) Close Set Eyes-If you have such close set eye type you should line outer third of the upper lid with gray, brown or black eyeliner and smudge it very gently. When you are going to apply liner at inner eye you should use always light color if you want to widen the space between such eyes.

2)Small Eyes-If you have very small eyes firstly you should draw dark line with the eyeliner, gradually thickening at outer edge of eyes. For stunning look you should use light color pencil eyeliner such as gold, silver, white etc. and can also draw a smooth line under the lower lashes.

3)Deep Set Eyes- If you have deep set eyes you should line upper lash line with shimmer liner. Then for outer edge you should line of lower lash with soft, neutral shade like gray or taupe etc. this will help you to create a less heavy eyelid.

4)Drooping Eyes- If you have drooping eyes you should line outer third of eyes very close to the lashes and carefully apply sweeping liner up at corner of your eye.

Eyeliner Tips

· Eyeliner should be applied close to the base of eyelashes. Product varies from cake to liquid liner to pencil. Practice makes perfect in achieving fine line.

· Pencil liner can be used above top lashes and under the lower lashes. Liquid liners should only be used on top lid.

· If you are using Liquid eyeliner that should use with the fine brush because it will stay on the best. If you want to use pencil eyeliner it work well also. Pencils can give you a perfect and classic look. When you are applying eyeliner hold your head back, look down into mirror, and then apply your eyeliner. This will help you to keep your eyelid skin tight and you can easily make a smooth line.

· Avoid applying eyeliner as very thick line. It can give you very harsh look and can make eye appear heavy and tired. In case you have any trouble, you can use brush to blend and smooth it out.


· To enhance the look of deep-set eyes line upper lids and lower lids, then you should choose always light eyes shadows such as pale pink, peach.

· Here's how to minimize the chance of makeup irritating your eyes when you are wearing your lenses. Apply your make-up after inserting the lenses. You must use the waterproof eye make-up and it must be the hypo-allergenic. Do not apply eyeliner to inner edge of lid or above the lash line on the lower lid.


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